Tanya is a trailblazing author, pioneering thinker and campaigner on tech ethics and digital wellbeing, and founder of the digital detox movement Time to Log Off.

“With more and more hybrid and flexible working – meaning working from home – never have we needed the ability to set clear tech boundaries more. We must reset our tech-life balance. Our productivity and our mental health depend on it.”

Tanya Goodin


Tanya has been speaking at corporate events for more than 20 years as well as being featured as a motivational speaker at client events, internal team-building events and conferences, workshops, and corporate training and team wellbeing days.

Tanya’s clients range from global corporations, Magic Circle law firms and City banks and financial services companies to media businesses, non-profits and charities, healthcare bodies, and tech start-ups.

She specialises in digital detox, digital wellbeing, tech ethics, tech-life balance and building a healthy relationship with technology.

Talks as a motivational speaker, and corporate workshop talks, include:

  • ‘Managing screens for healthy work-life balance’
  • ‘Is it time for a digital detox?’
  • ‘How to log off’
  • ‘Screens and mental health: how much is too much?’
  • ‘How to break up with your phone’
  • ‘Time to log off? What we know about screen overuse and the brain’

During the pandemic Tanya gave talks via webinar on Zoom, Teams, and other internal video-conferencing software, to employee and partner groups who were geographically separated, presenting the latest evidence and research on setting clear tech boundaries and best tech practice when working from home. She also spoke to internal parent support groups about how to manage family screen use when several generations were all working and learning from home.

Tanya has spoken to corporate audiences from 20+ to over 3,000, at dinners, lunches, workshops, internal conferences and team meetings, and her wealth of experience as a motivational speaker on digital wellbeing and tech ethics can be seen in the testimonials from the many clients she has worked with over the years.

motivational speaker Tanya Goodin

“What can I say about Tanya? We couldn’t have asked for a better presenter for a topic like digital detox, which is so relevant to most adults. Tanya is insightful, fun, full of content and makes her points in a very effective and thought-provoking way.

She had her audience’s attention throughout with her easy presenting style and left very practical and achievable tips to improve our wellbeing, as well as pushing across some bigger challenges. I would have no hesitation in recommending Tanya for content/presentations on this topic.”

Managing Director, Standard Chartered Bank


Tanya speaks about digital wellbeing and tech-life balance to teams, managers and partners in all types of organisations; from Magic Circle law firms to financial services companies, media businesses and tech start-ups. 


Tanya is the author of three books on our complicated relationship with technology:

My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open’, Off.’ and Stop Staring at Screens’ are all out now. 

My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open

“Highly readable…attainable and realistic ways to reduce technology use and alleviate the burdens it can place on us as individuals and on our relationships.”

OFF: Your Digital Detox for a Better Life

"She presents simple ideas alongside practical suggestions for how to implement them - leaving you inspired and motivated by the end."

Stop Staring at Screens!

"Perhaps the best compliment I can pay this is that as soon as I started reading this, my 13-year-old son started looking over my shoulder, and in short order said, "I want to read this as soon as you're done. And I want to do this."