Technology was designed to make our lives easier, and yet it’s one of the biggest drivers of family rifts and stress. Making healthy and realistic decisions about when and where you really need technology can be tricky but is essential for restoring harmony in your home. ‘Stop Staring at Screens’ has the answers you need.


“I’ll be honest – the concept of putting down my phone/tablet/laptop for an extended period of time actually slightly terrified me. Reading this book though I’ve realised that I’m somewhat a slave to modern technology as corny as that sounds and actively making changes to using technology for good. Well worth reading!”

Screens have taken up permanent residence in every family space and seem to feature at every occasion: they’re in our sitting rooms, at our meal tables and in our bedrooms. We watch each other scrolling mindlessly when we’re bored, or escaping into our phones to avoid tricky conversations, with both parents and children accusing each other of being the worst culprits.

With all the knowledge in the world at our fingertips, we seem to have forgotten how to get along with each other and do’t know how to find our way back to a balanced family life. Consider this your family toolbox for everything that needs fixing about screens at home.

Whether you’re worried that arguments about technology are escalating or are already at your stress limit, you will find something in here for you.


  • Find sanity-saving solutions and practical tips

  • Follow diagnostic quizzes to address common issues

  • Avoid arguments by identifying key triggers

  • Address common issues

  • Find the right balance between screen time and family life



With diagnostic quizzes and lots of practical tips, this book shows you how to make healthy and realistic decisions about when and where you really need technology. From making a balanced screen plan to embarking on an outdoor adventure, each exercise is easy to put into practice and will help you create a happier family life.

Because the digital world is so new there’s very little consensus on what ‘healthy’ looks like for screen use. ‘Stop Staring at Screens’ will help you work out what’s best for you and your family.


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