“A fabulous, practical, inspirational read for anyone exploring wellbeing and the digital world.”

The Teenage Guide to Digital Wellbeing by Tanya Goodin


A fantastic book for teens on how to manage their digital lives and there are even tips some of us older ‘teenagers’ can utilise as well, great guide. Highly recommend.

Digital wellbeing is all about finding the balance between the digital world and the real world – and making sure we use smartphones and other digital devices in a healthy way, while living fulfilling lives beyond the screen.

This guide helps tweens and teens do exactly that, inspiring them to set their devices aside (sometimes anyway!) and start living in the here and now.

“There is so much to learn from this book, the pages are packed with useful advice, suggestions and activities. This book is set out to help and support our young people, I would recommend (it) without a doubt … I think every student should have one.”


Teenagers will discover how to:

  • Develop healthy habits, identify priorities, and set achievable goals

  • Know their own screen limits and deal with digital distractions

  • Stay safe and savvy on the internet

  • Focus on the positive and productive uses of smartphones (no more doom-scrolling!)

  • Combat comparison culture on social media and quieten their inner critics

  • Nurture friendships and family relationships offline and on

  • Build resilience and self-confidence to live healthily and happily with their digital devices.



Teens will discover how to:

● Stay safe and savvy on the internet

● Develop healthy habits and deal with digital distractions

● Combat comparison culture and quieten their inner critics

● Nurture relationships and build self-confidence

An informative and thought-provoking read that offers practical tools to navigate the complexities of our relationship with technology. Goodin’s expertise and compassionate approach make this book a valuable resource for anyone seeking to regain control over their digital lives“.


Tanya has written another three books on our relationship with technology: ‘Off: Your Digital Detox for a Better Life’ is a pocket-sized guide for all ages on switching off and enjoying a more balanced relationship with tech. ‘Stop Staring at Screens’ is a practical handbook for families to read together to find ways of living happily with screens at home. ‘My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open’ gives everyone the vocabulary to discuss the impacts of the digital world.

OFF: Your Digital Detox for a Better Life

“She presents simple ideas alongside practical suggestions for how to implement them – leaving you inspired and motivated by the end.”

Stop Staring at Screens!

“Perhaps the best compliment I can pay this is that as soon as I started reading this, my 13-year-old son started looking over my shoulder, and in short order said, “I want to read this as soon as you’re done. And I want to do this.”

My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open

From ‘nomophobia’ to ‘multi-screening’, the book identifies a host of unhelpful consequences of our digital world, and entertainingly illustrates them with real life examples. It goes on to give pithy and practical advice about how to deal with each problem, and has made me freshly evaluate my relationship with tech. Highly recommended.”