The Teenage Guide to Digital Wellbeing


“A fabulous, practical, inspirational read for anyone exploring wellbeing and the digital world.”

“Over the last two decades I've watched emerging technologies morph from tools into manipulative masters. My work on digital wellbeing, tech ethics, artifical intelligence and responsible technology is all about putting you, me, and the next generation back in the driving seat.”

Tanya Goodin

Tanya is a bestselling author, pioneering thinker and campaigner on tech ethics and digital wellbeing, founder of the digital detox movement Time to Log Off  and host of the ‘It’s Complicated’ podcast. Her game-changing books on our relationship with technology, ‘The Teenage Guide to Digital Wellbeing‘My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open’‘Off’and ‘Stop Staring at Screens’, are published in ten languages worldwide.

She hasn’t always been a ‘digital canary’. As an award-winning digital entrepreneur and instinctive trend spotter, Tanya spent two decades running one of Britain’s first digital businesses. Her new mission is to make today’s tech issues accessible to users and consumers, so they can consciously manage their digital lives.

 Tanya is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a graduate of the University of Oxford, a digital detox expert, and an expert in the field of tech-life balance. She is currently researching for a Masters in Artificial Intelligence (AI) ethics at the University of Cambridge.

Tanya is a regular public speaker and media commentator – helping a global audience forge a healthier, happier relationship with digital devices.

Tanya Goodin 2024

Tanya is an expert commentator on tech ethics, digital detox, a digital wellbeing expert, commentator on screens and children, digital addiction, tech dependency and work-life balance and has been featured on these, and many other, major broadcast platforms and print publications.

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Tanya writes here on tech ethics, AI, digital wellbeing, digital detox, Big Tech, screen-life balance, cybersafety, social media and mental health, persuasive tech, the attention economy and other topical issues related to the digital world.


Tanya is the author of four books on our complicated relationship with technology: ‘The Teenage Guide to Digtial Wellbeing’, ‘My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open’, ‘Off.’ and ‘Stop Staring at Screens’ are all out now.

The Teenage Guide to Digital Wellbeing by Tanya Goodin

A fantastic book for teens on how to manage their digital lives and there are even tips some of us older ‘teenagers’ can utilise as well. Great guide, highly recommend.

My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open

“Highly readable…attainable and realistic ways to reduce technology use and alleviate the burdens it can place on us as individuals and on our relationships.”

OFF: Your Digital Detox for a Better Life

“She presents simple ideas alongside practical suggestions for how to implement them – leaving you inspired and motivated by the end.”

Stop Staring at Screens!

“Perhaps the best compliment I can pay this is that as soon as I started reading this, my 13-year-old son started looking over my shoulder, and in short order said, “I want to read this as soon as you’re done. And I want to do this.” ”


Tanya is both a digital detox expert and a digital wellbeing expert and speaks at public events, in workplaces, and at schools and colleges on digital detox, digital wellbeing and tech-life balance. 


‘It’s Complicated’ launched in 2019 and has just finished streaming Series Seven. The digital detox podcast features Tanya chatting to an inspiring group of celebrities, academics and experts to find out how they can help us with our complicated relationship with our smartphones.

S7 Ep 8 The Folding Lady

TikTok sensation The Folding Lady (aka Sophie Liard) joins us for the last episode in Series Seven to talk about her meteoric rise to internet stardom in lockdown with folding tips and tricks. Now with 4 mill followers, she shares how she curates her own social media feed and keeping it real for her followers.

S7 Ep 7 Jack Rhysider

Cybersecurity veteran Jack Rhysider, host of the Darknet Diaries podcast, is telling us everything we need to know to keep ourselves safe online. From the threat from SIM swapping attacks, to how ‘social engineers’ are targeting us to help them commit their crimes. This episode features true crime stories from the dark side of the internet.

S7 Ep 6 Michelle and Joan MacDonald

Mother and daughter Michelle and Joan MacDonald are using tech to inspire, motivate and to change lives – and they’re focused on a part of the population that has been rather ignored and invisible online – women in their 40s and 50s. But that’s not the most incredible thing about this pair. It was daughter Michelle MacDonald’s own ahead- of-the-curve use of technology for coaching and training older women that helped her mother change her life in the first place – resulting in Joan being dubbed, at 76, the ‘Baby Boomer Fitness Influencer’.