PRAISE FOR STOP STARING AT SCREENS: “What I loved about this book is that not only is this a practical manual, it’s also a philosophical work. What is it about screens that sucks us in? What are we avoiding or missing when we spend our lives online? There’s food for thought here, and the questions are well worth thinking about.”

“The pandemic's wake-up call is that it has given us a glimpse of a future lived almost entirely through screens, isolated from those we love, growing lonelier and more disconnected day by day. We must urgently reset our relationship with tech.” 

Tanya Goodin

Tanya is a trailblazing author, pioneering thinker and campaigner on digital wellbeing and tech ethics, founder of the digital detox movement Time to Log Off  and host of the ‘It’s Complicated’ podcast. Her game-changing books on our relationship with technology, ‘Off’and ‘Stop Staring at Screens’, are published in seven languages.

She hasn’t always been a ‘digital canary’. As an award-winning digital entrepreneur and instinctive trend spotter, Tanya spent two decades running one of Britain’s first digital businesses. Her new mission is to make today’s tech issues accessible to users and consumers, so they can consciously manage their digital lives.

 Tanya is a digital detox expert, an expert in the field of tech-life balance and a regular public speaker and media commentator, helping a global audience forge a healthier, happier relationship with digital devices.

Her third book, ‘My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open’, is available to pre-order in the US and UK now.


Tanya Goodin

Tanya is an expert commentator on digital detox, screens and children, digital addiction, tech dependency and work-life balance and has been featured on these, and many other, major broadcast platforms and print publications. 

The Guardian
The Washington Post


Tanya is the author of three books on our complicated relationship with technology: ‘Off.’ and Stop Staring at Screens’ are out now. Tanya’s third book My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open’ will be published Autumn 2021.

OFF: Your Digital Detox for a Better Life

“She presents simple ideas alongside practical suggestions for how to implement them – leaving you inspired and motivated by the end.”

Stop Staring at Screens!

“Perhaps the best compliment I can pay this is that as soon as I started reading this, my 13-year-old son started looking over my shoulder, and in short order said, “I want to read this as soon as you’re done. And I want to do this.” ”

My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open

How to Untangle our Relationship with Tech – Available for Pre-Order Now.


‘My Brain has Too Many Tabs Open’ launches in the US and the UK on 7th September 2021









‘It’s Complicated’ launched in 2019 and is currently streaming Series Six. The digital detox podcast features Tanya chatting to an inspiring group of celebrities, academics and experts about their complicated relationship with their smartphones.

S6 Ep 9 Vex King

Vex King returns as It’s Complicated’s first ever returning guest; to talk about how healing ourselves from pain and trauma – developing better self-awareness as a result – is going to help all of us develop a healthier, happier, relationship with social media and the digital world.

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S6 Ep 8 Cori Crider

Lawyer and activist Cori Crider, Co-Founder of non-profit Foxglove, is holding Big Tech to account: for their treatment of their own workers – social media and the digital world’s factory floor. Find out how Foxglove is making tech accountable and fighting for fair pay and working conditions for the workers that have been overlooked for far too long.

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S6 Ep 7 Marisa Bate

Journalist Marisa Bate gave up Instagram five years ago after she started to question what she was getting out of it. The experience has been entirely positive, even though she works in the media where many say it’s impossible to be without it. We talk about the navel-gazing and self absorption that Instagram encourages and how, even in a pandemic, those traits just don’t seem to have lessened.

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Tanya is a digital detox expert and digital wellbeing evangelist and speaks in workplaces, schools, colleges and at public events on digital detox, digital wellbeing and tech-life balance. 


Tanya writes regularly on digital wellbeing, digital detox, Big Tech, screen-life balance, cybersafety, persuasive tech, the attention economy and other topical issues related to the digital world.

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Another death in a gender reveal stunt gone wrong, highlights the growing number of people who are literally dying for likes on social media.

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