My Top 10 Most Popular Articles of 2022

Dec 7, 2022 | AI, attention economy, tech ethics

In 2022 I wrote about artificial intelligence, tech ethics, the metaverse and the challenges of parenting in the digital age. I’ve done a trawl to see which of my articles were the most popular in 2022. Here’s the shortlist:

#10 Are We all Addicted to Our Phones Now?

My tenth most-read post of 2022 was inspired by a post by Joe Wicks (aka The Body Coach) who posted on Instagram about his worries about his phone addiction. His post garnered nearly 3,000 comments from people saying they felt exactly the same way. In this piece I ask whether we are really all addicted or whether we’ve just developed a very strong dependency on our phones, thanks in no small part to the persuasive tech industry. [Read more]

#9 The battery life of your phone could affect your loan application

As part of a series introducing readers to tech ethics in artificial intelligence (AI), this piece looked at AI developed for the financial services industry which claims to have found a link between how low you let your smartphone battery get and how likely you are to repay a loan. It’s fair to say I got more messages and comments about this piece than any other I wrote this year with readers horrified to read about it. [Read more]

#8 Learn How to ‘Pre-bunk’ To Help Fight Misinformation 

Misinformation, and how we can teach young people and adults to better identify it, is one of my main areas of interest. In this piece I describe fascinating research from Cambridge University which suggests that teaching the tricks and techniques used to create misinformation and trying them out ourselves (in a game-based scenario) might be one of the most effective methods to fortify ourselves against it. [Read more]

#7 Seven Resolutions for a Healthier Digital Life in 2022 

The first of my pieces in 2022 featured seven suggestions for resolutions to help us all lead happier healthier digital lives this year. Covering data privacy, fraud and tech:life balance this one seemed to resonate with a lot of readers. [Read more]

#6 Understanding Kids in the Metaverse

In 2022 Mark Zuckerberg ensured we heard a lot about the metaverse and I wanted to write a piece for parents laying out what they might need to think about when their children start to engage with it. It’s something I’m being asked more and more about in my talks in schools and this is an easy checklist of things you might want to consider if you’re supervising children trying out new technology. [Read more]

#5 How to Stop Your Robot From Cooking Your Cat: Living with Artificial Intelligence

The Reith Lectures at the end of 2021 were delivered by Professor Stuart Russell on living with artificial intelligence and I was absolutely glued to them. This piece summarised Russell’s thoughts on how we will need to adapt to living with AI; from a quick history, to killer robots, to AI at work. It’s already out of date of course with all the rapid developments in 2022 but it’s hopefully still a good primer. [Read more]

living with artificial intelligence
Living with artificial intelligence

#4 What parents need need to know about slang and emojis predators use online

Supporting parents of children and young people navigating the digital world and new technologies is a big part of my work. This piece introduced parents to some common slang and emojis used by predators online to disguise their online activities. I hope it will better equip parents in keeping children safe online. [Read more]

#3 Baby Boomers are Seven Times More Likely to Spread Fake News, Why? 

When I talk about the problem of widespread misinformation and disinformation in the corporate talks I give, I’m always asked who exactly is spreading it. In this piece I bust the myth that it’s young people at fault, pointing to research showing that the Baby Boomer generation are seven times more likely to spread it than any other demographic. This might make for uncomfortable reading for some! [Read more]

#2 Which Countries Love Their Smartphones the Most?

Everyone loves a league table don’t they? This piece on a study which ranked countries by their smartphone addiction was my second most popular all year. I won’t give away who came top – you’ll have to take a look… [Read more]

#1 Your Zoom Call Just Got Even More Uncomfortable

The last few years feel like they’ve been spent almost entirely on Zoom and with Zoom fatigue and Zoom burnout now popular topics of conversation. This piece, from May 2022 on how our Zoom calls might be about to get even more awkward with the addition of so-called ’emotion AI’ (revealing how others on the call might be feeling), topped the most popular articles of 2022. If you haven’t already read it, or any of the other most-read pieces this year, I hope you enjoy it. [Read more]

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