My tech ethics podcast ‘It’s Complicated’ is back for Series 7

Apr 25, 2022 | tech ethics

My tech ethics podcast It’s Complicated returns for its seventh series today (after a bit of a break while I wrote and launched a new book), with inspiring guests to help you untangle your relationship with technology and the digital world.

The podcast was named by the London Standard in 2020 as one of the Best Tech Podcasts globally, as well as featuring in the You Magazine (from Mail Online) feature ‘59 of the best podcasts to download and listen to now.’

digital detox podcast
It’s Complicated podcast

Each week I talk to a new guest to find out how they can help us untangle our relationship with tech. Guests from the previous six series have been from a whole range of fields and backgrounds including; the founder of Craigslist Craig Newmark; Hinge founder Justin Macleod; Baroness Martha Lane Fox; author Cal Newport; economist Tim Harford; TV presenter Ben Fogle; sports commentator Andrew Cotter (with his dogs Olive and Mabel); Made In Chelsea’s Jamie Laing; ex Labour Party Deputy Head Tom Watson; and celebrities and sportspeople like The Vamps lead singer James McVey, footballer John Barnes, ex-Love islander Dr Alex George and Olympic rower Pete Reed.

What’s coming up in Series 7?

Series Seven kicks off with a fascinating episode with ex BBC Technology Correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones who has had a ringside seat watching the smartphone revolution unfold over the past couple of decades and who has interviewed everyone who’s anyone in the tech world. He has some interesting things to say about what drove the Big Tech founders in their creation of the digital world we know today”

“There has been that naïveté combined with that ruthless determination that all that mattered were two things; attention and growth. Just build it and they will come. Don’t worry about making money at the start. The money will come as long as you can hook them into your product and keep it growing.”

Rory Cellan-Jones, ‘Its Complicated’ Series Seven, Episode One

The rest of the tech ethics podcast series will be looking at the good and the bad of the digital world and aiming to equip us all with tools and strategies to develop a healthier relationship with it.

We’ll be looking at subjects like catfishing, building better personal boundaries online, how ‘silver surfers’ (aged 75+) use tech, innovative uses of technology during the pandemic, facial recognition tech use and what parents need to know about the Dark Web. It’s a fantastically diverse series with a wide range of issues covered – something for everyone.

Past episodes from the tech ethics podcast

Don’t miss out on any episodes in the series by making sure you are following the podcast on whatever platform you get your podcasts from here. You can also browse through the full back-catalogue of the previous six series of episodes.

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